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Ultimate Uninstaller 1.0

Ultimate Uninstaller is a revolutionary uninstaller software
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Ultimate Uninstaller is a revolutionary uninstaller software. It provides you a better and easier way to effectively uninstall any Unwanted /Stubborn/Corrupt applications in your computer which can not be removed by normal methods such as the Windows add/remove applet. Ultimate Uninstaller guarantees every of your uninstall mission is complete and safe. With Ultimate Uninstaller in hand, no uninstall problem will ever bother you again.
Not every program you installed in your computer can be removed successfully and completely by normal procedures. Poor designed programs always leaves corrupt registry entries and files/folders after they were uninstalled, some spyware-related programs even have no way to uninstall. These leftover and spyware programs not only occupy a lot of precious disk space but also bring you further problems such as interfering other programs’ installation, slowing down computer etc. If you encounter such problems, you need a professional uninstaller software to help you get thorough this.

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